1) How do I login?
2) How do I create a POP account?
3) How do I add an alias?
4) How do I forward an address?
5) How do I set up a mailing list?
6) How do I set up an autoresponder?
7) How do I change a user's information?

Logging In:

To Login to Qmailadmin insert your Password and your domain as illustrated below. The name postmaster in the POP account field  is required for full administration of your E-mail Features.

Main Menu:

Once you have logged in you will see the main menu shown below.

Creating a POP user:

To create a new pop account click the "CREATE POP USER" button. Type the name for the E-mail address in the "Pop Account" field (Ex. johnsmith) and in the second and third field add a password for the user. Use the same password for both fields.  In the last field add the user's real name (Ex. John Smith) this will make an account for   (johnsmith@yourdomain.com).

Now click the "ADD" button which will return you to the main menu with the new account listed under POP ACCOUNTS.

Adding Aliases:

Suppose you want John Smith to get email directed to  webmaster@mydomain.com. There is no need to create a seperate POP account that John would have to keep track of, you could simply create an alias that directs email from webmaster@mydomain.com to John's email account.  Click on the "add new alias" button, then in the new menu select johnsmith from the drop down menu.  Next type webmaster in for the alias field. Then click the ADD button.

It is important to note that the Pop Account is the email account to receive email for the Alias account name.

After clicking the ADD button the main menu should return and look like this.

Now that webmaster is aliased to johnsmith.  All mail sent to webmaster@mydomain.com will be put in  johnsmith@mydomain.com's box.


Forwards are almost the same as aliases accept for the fact that forwards are sent to Email addresses outside of (mydomain.com) An example of this is I want (design@mydomain.com) to be sent to my home email address.  We then setup a  forward, by first clicking on the Add New Forward button.

After Typing in (you@yourhomeemail.com) in the Forward Address and design (the POP Account to forward) in the Local Name field. All Mail sent to design@mydomain.com will be delivered to you@yourdomain.com.

Mailing list:

Mailing lists are lists of Email addresses that receive a copy of the mail sent to the mailing list name. This way if me@mydomain.com sends an Email to maillist@mydomain.com everyone on the mailing list will receive a copy of that Email.

Also when adding a mailing list, only enter the list name, NOT the full email address.


Autoresponders automatically respond with a pre-written message immediately after an Email is sent to them.  This comes in handy for an contact email so your customers get an immediate response, or if you are going out of town and wish for people that email you to be aware of a delay in your response.  To set one up click on the NEW RESPONDER button the next screen up will look like this.

Enter the Autoresponder Name, then  the Email Address you wish for it to be active on.  Now Enter the subject of the return  E-mail and in the big space below that type the message you want people to be sent and click Add and you're all set.

Changing a user's information: 

If you wish to change the password, delete an account or change who the designated "catch-all" account is, you can click on the corresponding yellow buttons seen below.


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