Setting up your mail in Outlook Express
(We are assuming that Outlook Express is already setup and working on your computer)
1) Setting up Accounts
2) E-mail address
3) E-mail server names
4) Internet mail logon
5) After the wizard
6) General Tab
7) Server Tab
8) Connection Tab
9) Advanced Tab

What is web-based E-mail?

Web-based e-mail is accessed through the Internet. You use your browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape) to go to the mail
service's Web site (, where you enter your username and password to open your personal mailbox.
The primary advantage of Web mail lies in the fact that you can use ANY computer with a browser and Internet access to
check your mail, freeing you to check your mail virtually anywhere. On the other hand, e-mail programs that are configured on
your own computer limit your mail accessibility to that computer. The popularity of Web mail has increased dramatically,
accounting now for about 35% of all e-mail boxes worldwide.

Setting up Accounts: 

To set up an account In outlook express click on Tools then Accounts then on the right click on Add and select mail which will bring up a connection wizard.


Using the connection wizard

Click on the "I already have an e-mail address I'd like to use" and enter in your email address (,, etc). This will be the main Pop3 email you receive email for your domain with.

E-mail Server names  

For the Incoming mail server and Outging mail server type and make sure that the Incoming mail server is set to POP3.

Mail logon   For the Account Name enter your email address but with a % instead of an @ sign (ex.
NOTE: It is critical to use the indicated % instead of an @ sign on this setting or you will not be able to check your email

 After the wizard  

After you are done using the connection wizard click on tools then accounts and you should see this screen.

General Tab  

Then highlight the account and click on the properties tab on the right and you should see this screen. Your General tab should look somthing like this.


Servers Tab  

Next click on the Servers tab and it shold look somthing like this. Make sure that the incoming mail server is using POP3
and the account name has the % sign in it ( then click on the connection tab.

Connection Tab  
When you click on the connection tab you should see somthing like this if you already had Outlook Express set up then you should already have this configured if not press the ADD button and it will take you to another wizard. Next click on the Advanced tab.

Advanced Tab  
When you press the Advanced tab you should see somthing like this remember you keep the This server requires a secure connection Unchecked and you can check to leave a copy of messages on server but it is not needed. You really don't need to edit anything else on the Advanced tab.


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